Aquatherm Pool/Spa Heat Pump

Installing Economical Aquatherm Heating Pumps

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Pool owners looking to extend their swim season want maximum efficiency from their pool heater.

An Aquatherm Heat Pump takes heat from the air instead of burning fossil fuel like a gas heater, and will provide more than 5 times as much heat per dollar spent when compared to an average gas heater or a conventional electric resistance heater.

In the early 1970’s, Aquatherm/Calorex pioneered heat pump technology for swimming pools. Over the past 30 years, our units have evolved to be the most efficient, highest quality swimming pool heat pump available today. You can rest assured an Aquatherm swimming pool heat pump will provide you with years of economical, trouble-free heat.


AquaCal Air Source Heat Pumps

Another option that indirectly uses the sun's energy, is a super-efficient heat pump.

Using proven refrigerant technology, a swimming pool heat pump delivers up to six times the amount of energy it consumes. Heat pumps use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another. They don't generate heat.Heat Pumps are a super-efficient way to heat your pool or spa. The Heat Pump captures heat from outside air and transfers it to the pools water.

The refrigerant gas is then pumped by the Compressor.

When this warmed gas is compressed, it intensifies or concentrates the heat. This intensely hot gas is then pumped into the Heat Exchanger Condenser where the actual heat exchange takes place. As the pool water passes through the Heat Exchanger, the hot gas gives up its heat to the cooler pool water. The refrigerant returns to a liquid state and is pumped through the Expansion Valve and then into the Evaporator Air Coil to start the process over again

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Some of the HeatWave SuperQuiet® models
are ICEBREAKERS®, which heat and cool the pool. The ICEBREAKER®units extend the swimming season longer than any other heat pump by continuing to operate in low temperatures.

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