Solar Electric (Photovoltaic)

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SOLAR ELECTRIC (Photovoltaic)

“Catch the SUN” from solar panels that sit in the sun and feed the meter to run your home with a solar power system. It reduces the amount that needs to be purchased from the local utility. You’ll feel good knowing that your new solar electric system reduces your electric bill, gives you energy independence, a substantial property value increase, and helping the environment. All of the 100% clean, green power produced by your home solar power system is FREE energy from the sun.

Pearson will be happy to answer any questions when he comes out to do a homesite evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for solar for your home or business.

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A solar power system is now affordable for every home and business owner and has become the economical energy choice for clean, reliable electricity.

Thank you for considering SUNCATCHER OF ATLANTA for your project. We are available to serve all of your solar energy and screen enclosure needs. For more information or a FREE estimate, please feel free to contact us at (770) 514-7564 or by email at

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Solar panels also extend the life of a roof, because they protect from the elements. The house becomes more energy-efficient in the summer because the hot sun is not beating down on the roof directly—it is instead being absorbed by the panels, keeping the house temperature lower.

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